Memory foam is often referred to as “viscoelastic” polyurethane foam. It was first invented by NASA in the 1970s for space programs and since then it has been developed and has become a popular material of choice for medical and domestic mattresses and pillows due to its pressure relieving comfort.


Latex is a premium quality, naturally derived material made from latex liquid tapped from the trunks of rubber trees. It’s exceptionally durable and resilient with natural elasticity for bounce. Its natural elasticity means it recovers its shape immediately when pressure is removed providing natural bounce.


The Open Coil (Bonnell) Spring is the classic spring unit, and has, through the years, proven its worth. It is made from around hourglass shaped coils which are interlinked with spiral wire to form a spring unit structure. They are used in most budget or entry level mattresses and are the best value mattresses your money can buy.


Each pocket spring is individually wrapped in a textile material enabling free movement and stops partner disturbance due to movement. ıt does not carry movement over to the partner. The latest introduction is the 5 Zone Pocket Springs with smaller diameters, it enhances posturepedic quality as each zone helps to conform to your body in a better way.

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